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From the primordial wasteland where survival is the only thing that matters, comes kidd hunta – fighting through harshest environments with only his wit, and his spear handed down from his father. The kidd hunta is here to take on the world with no apologies. With his spear, he aims and strikes true to his target.The story of this young african boy fighting is the inspiration for kidd hunta. He encapsulates an entrepreneurial go getter spirit with a uniquely African outlook.

With kidd hunta we bring the traditional values of bravery, courage and fearlessness into the modern world, and stake our claim.  Kidd hunta shows no mercy, but does so in a modern setting-with style. For the modern day fighter,  a label which draws strength from a strong african past and runs courageously into the future .

Founded in 2015, kidd hunta is a Harare based menswear label which focuses on continuously supplying its consumers with great quality, fresh & unique ready-to-wear garments with fine detailing and overall great designs. We are focused on empowering the next generation, as well as instilling courage, that would eventually make them stand out among the crowd as being fearless, bold and brave, and as such, they are energies to go into the world and follow their various dreams till they are all fulfilled. It was as a result of this fact – they going into the world to conquer – that we came up with the mesmerizing phrase, which happens to be our slogan, “brave heart never fail

Our Logo

The basic concept behind our logo illustrating a kid running with a spear in his right hand symbolizes the go-getter spirit dwelling in kidd hunta. As this has been one of our landing philosophies in life.
  • It would be noticed that this mysterious kidd, has no color, no race, no age -implying that , we are neither bound by their skin colour nor age thus, it is never too late to chase that dream till it is actualized. It is only a loser that stops trying!

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